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Patent Resources on Internet

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Patent Software

USPTO EFS (Electronic Filing System)
A Electronic Filing System for submitting patent applications, computer readable format, biosequence listings, and pre-grant publication submissions to the USPTO via the Internet.  
EFS Software Downloads at 

  • PATSAT (Patent Application Specification Authoring Tool)
  • WordPerfect XML Template (A component of EFS authoring effort) 
  • ePAVE (To allow the applicant or practitioner to collect and submit Patent Application information to the USPTO) 
  • USPTO Direct (To create the digital certificate needed to send secure submissions to the USPTO) 

PatentWizard 2.0 (Provisional Patent Application Software)
Developed by Michael S Neustel, Registered Patent Attorney

EPO Filing Software 

  • Form 1037 - for the transmission to and acknowledgement by the EPO of Subsequently filed documents relating to single or multiple application or patents 
  • Form 1038 - Letter accompanying subsequently filed documents relating to single application or patent 
  • Form 1519 - Request for standard search 
  • Form 1529 - Request for special report 

WIPO PCT-EASY Software Version 2.83 

MapOut/MapOut Pro for Patent Portfolio Analysis

Innovators Self Assessment Software 

Patent Pro (Personal Patent Attorney) 

Provisional Application Software 

Patent Application Software and Patent Application Forms Wizard 

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