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Library Tutorials

WSU Library Tutorial

Queen's Libraries (Kingston, Canada): Library Tutorials

An interactive tutorial on evaluating the quality of Internet resources

Evaluating Web Sites

Critical Evaluation of Resources on the Internet

Bibliography on Evaluating Internet Resources

Evaluation of Information Resources

Learn to Search Web

CSU: Library Instruction Tutorials

Library Tutorials and Guides

Library Tutorials on the Web – FALCON – An Interactive Web …

Tips for Developing Effective Web-Based Library Instruction

Library Tutorials

Library Tutorials

Tutorials and Guides

Tutorials, UM Libraries

The Deway Decimal Classification Multimedia Tour

Understanding Library Classification System
This is a web-based tutorial that serves as an introduction to library classification systems commonly used in this academic library. The goal of this tutorial is to provide an understanding of how materials are organized, and that this understanding will help students better locate books and other materials. The tutorial is divided into four sections, viz. Introduction, Library of Congress Classification System, Dewey Decimal Classification System, SuDoc Classification System

Locating Library Materials
This page provides an explanation of classification systems, how to find where things are located in libraries.

Guide to Library Research

Classification Web Tutorial

Library Classification System: Call Numbers

Library Tutorial: Classification Scheme 

Library Catalogue Tutorial

Introduction, Instructions – Call Number and Interpretation
This tutorial is intended to give you a broad overview of the different Call Numbering systems and how they work. One will learn how items are classified within each system, what the call mumbers mean and how to find an item based on it's call number.

On-line tutorials on information seeking skills and tools, How to …

How to decipher Law Library Call Numbers

Librarian Web Resources

Library Automation Tutorials

UTK Library Guides

RefMan and EndNote: Bbliography Formatting Software

Scholarly Journals versus Magazines – how to tell the difference

Styles Manuals

Library Research Guides: How to Use …

Citation Style Guides for Internet and Electronic Resources

Library Technology Guides

Library Research and Writing Guides - University of Alberta Libraries

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