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3rd Meeting of International Working Group (IWG) on the Development of the Integrated Information Network (IIN) of International Centre for Scientific & Technical Information (ICSTI) Member States
November 18-19, 2003, ICSTI, Moscow
A Report -- Prepared by Vimal Kumar Varun, Scientist 'D', Department of Scientific & Industrial Research, Ministry of Science & Technology, Technology Bhawan, New Mehrauli Road, New Delhi-110016, INDIA. November 2003

The purpose of the meeting was to take a review of the sub portal for innovation technological organizations and opportunities for its development on the basis of cooperation with the interested National Focal Points (NFPs) of ICSTI. The meet considered the status databases on “National Information Resources”, “Products” and “Services” on the ICSTI website, and establishment of meta-data base “Quality of Human Habitat: atmosphere, water, soil”. The Meet further considered various proposals concerning development of multilateral cooperation within the IIN framework, Organisational, legal and economic conditions for establishment and development of IIN, Participation of third countries in IIN of ICSTI.

The following are of specific interest to India: 

  • Organization of an International Workshop in New Delhi on management of Scientific Knowledge and Information
  • Active Participation of India’s Focal Point (i.e. DSIR) in the ICSTI/IIN activities
  • Participation in News and Events section of ICSTI Website
  • Participation in the Joint stand of ICSTI at the “Online Information – 2003” Expo to be held in London in December 2003
  • Signing of Agreement between ICSTI and National Focal Point (DSIR).

The ICSTI/IWG Meeting was attended by Representatives and experts from Hungarian Republic, Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Georgia, Republic of India, Republic of Moldova, Mongolia, Republic of Poland, Russian Federation, Romania and Ukraine; Azerbaijan Republic and specialists from ICSTI Headquarters.

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