Patent Resources on Internet

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Patent Resources on Internet

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Patent Offices

American Patent & Trademark Law Centre 

Australian Patent Office 

Austrian Patent Office 

Belgian Patent Office 

Brazilian Institute of Intellectual Property 

Canadian Intellectual Property Office 

Croatian Patent Office 

Czech Industrial Property Office 

Danish Patent Office 

European Office 

Finland National Board of Patents and Registration 

France Patent Office 

Georgian Patent Office 

German Patent Office 

Greek Industrial Property Organization 

Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department

Hungarian Patent Office 

Indonesia Patent Directorate 

Italian Patent and Trademark Office 

Japanese Patent Office 

Korean Patent Office 

Luxembourg Patent Office 

Malaysian Intellectual Property Division 

Marcas Patent Office 

Monaco Patent Office 

Netherlands Patent Office 

New Zealand Patent Office 

People's Republic of China Patent Office 

Peruvian Intellectual Property Office 

Polish Patent Office 

Portuguese Patent Office 

Republic of Moldova State Agency on Industrial Property Protection 

Republic of Lithuania The State Patent Office 

Republic of Slovak Industrial Property Office 

Romanian State Office for Inventions and Trademarks 

Singapore Registry of Trademarks and Patents 

Slovenian Intellectual Property Office 

Swedish Patent and Registration Office 

Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property 

United Kingdom Patent Office 

United States Patent and Trademark Office 

World Intellectual Property Organization 

World Intellectual Property Organization Arbitration Centre 

Patent Cooperation Treaty Legal Office

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