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Internet: Some Useful Resources [22 January 2001]

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Medical Information Resources

Medical News – Updated Daily

Your Health Daily

Medical Breakthroughs

Food and Health Medical Main Page

Health News daily

Healthcare Newspage – Free but Registration is compulsary

Medscape News

Women’s Issues – Feminism …


Interactive Pregnancy Calender

Virtual Hospital HomePage

Tender Care

Internet Medicus

Cancer Help

Pub Med

Medical Resources

Your Health & Fitness Resource

American Medical Association


HealthWorld Online

National Institutes of Health: Health Information Index

World Health Organization

ADA Online: The American Dental Association

DERWeb: Dental Education Resources on the Web

BDA: British Dental Association

Dental Directory Service (D.D.S.)

Dental Neuroscience Online

Proper Care of Your Baby's Teeth

National Oral Health Information Clearing House

Health Watch

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