7th Workshop on Exploitation and Utilization of
Information Resources in Asia-Pacific Region
May 6-20, 1997. ISTIC, Beijing, People's Republic of China

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Workshop Programme

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Discussion about the Cooperation between the Participants' Countries

Closing Ceremony

Annexure - C

Details of Visit to ISTIC

  • Domestic Information Release Hall

    • Business Centre

    • State Administration for Industry and Commerce Economic Information Centre

    • Chinese Foreign Joint Venture - Liangxi Metal Co Ltd Information Department

    • Technological Information Promotion System (TIPS)

    • ITC, Singapore

  • IBC China (World Wide Web Company) - Providing Internet Services

  • BHM Co Ltd - Providing Homepages Services

  • Information Highway Space (Information Resource in China)
    China Information Highway Communication Corporation

  • China Teleniser

  • Database Corporation Ltd

  • Jingo Kann Finch Design Co Ltd (Construction Company)

  • Special Program on TV (especially for old persons)

  • ZI Corporation of Canada, Beijing Representative Office

  • Big Screen (TV Broadcast through satellite) Satellite Broadcast Transfer Centre

  • Traditional Information Centre

  • OSST ( Beijing ) 4T2 Siti

  • Wang Fang Data Corporation (ISTIC Wang Fang Data Centre)

  • Collection of Information Resources & Provision of Services

  • Document Collection, Information Online Retrieval System, ISTIC Online Retrieval Databases, Publishment of Sci-tech Documents, Production, Broadcast and Release of Audio-Video Products

  • Reading area of domestic and foreign periodicals

  • Reading area of special documents

  • Information Technology Development and Utilization

  • Database production, Computer software system, Application system development, Software technology development, Software technology training. Electronic information service, ISTIC BBS

  • Information Research and Consulting Services

    Information analysis & research, Policy making consultation, Market investigation & research, Translation, compilation and report, Technology, Economy and Trade consultation

  • Information and Technology Exchange & Transaction

    UN Technological Information Promotion System [TIPS] National Bureau in China, China Info Mart [CIM], CIMNet, SSTCC S & T Achievement Management Office, Meeting, Exhibition and Information Release, Import / Export Business

  • Education and Training

    Brining up Postgraduate scholars, Computer software technology training, the compulsory continuing education for staff and workers, Enterprise economic & trade information management correspondence course, Training of International cooperation

  • International Cooperation and Exchange

    Unesco / PGI, ISO, FID, UNDP-TIPS, WFEO, UNIDO/INTIB, WASME, ASTINFO, INNRERTAP, International cooperation projects, International cooperation program, International activities

  • Allied organisations

    China Society for Scientific and Technical Information, Association for Soft Science of China, China Association for Scientific and Technical Consultancy Industry, Association for Promoting the Development of New Eurasia Bridge of China, China Society for S & T Achievement Management