7th Workshop on Exploitation and Utilization of
Information Resources in Asia-Pacific Region
May 6-20, 1997. ISTIC, Beijing, People's Republic of China

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Closing Ceremony

Mr. Russell Drury, First Secretary, British Embassy; Mr. Zhand Jian, Department of International Cooperation, SSTCC; Mr. Zhu Wei, Director General, SSTCC; Ms. Delia E Torrijos, Regional Adviser, Unesco/PGI; Mr. Liang Zhanping, Deputy Director General, ISTIC were on the dias during the concluding session. Mr. Zhang Zhung, Director, International Division, ISTIC and Ms. Stella, Beijing Office of Unesco were also present. Mr. Zhang De, Research & Training Division, ISTIC compered the session.

Mr. Wei and Mr. Jian gave the concluding address. They highlighted the importance of such workshops in the present context. Mr. Vimal Kumar Varun (India), Ms. Nannie Hudawati (Indonesia) and Mr. Harihar Subedi (Nepal) gave the participant's view about the workshop. This was followed by distribution of certificates to participants.

Ms. Delia also spoke on this occasion. She emphasized on the developing partnership between the developing countries globally with the information players. She also talked about the Information Society and Proposal for Regional Training centre at ISTIC (discussed in the 10th ASTINFO Meeting, September 1995 in Beijing). She also informed about the International Meeting on NII Development to be held in Tokyo, Japan this year. She said that we are equally responsible for the flow of information to rural sector in addition to elite and urban sector,

Mr. Drury said that Information is key of our development but the problem is information overload. He informed that 95% of all scientists are alive and still writing. He also said that it is not only finding information, but also finding appropriate information. He emphasized on the need of networking and said it is important to have continuous interaction between each other. In the last, he said Students represent the Future.

The session concluded with the vote of thanks from Mr. Zhang De.