Progress in Textiles: Science & Technology

Testing and Quality Management

Testing and Quality Management, which is the Vol. 1 of the 7-volume series on Progress in Textiles: Science & Technology has been published by IAFL Publications in June 1999. It is edited by Dr. V. K. Kothari of Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India. The 7-volume series on Progress in Textiles: Science & Technology comprising of separate volumes on Testing and Quality Management, Fibres, Yarns, Fabrics, Chemical Processing, Textured Yarns, Technical Textiles, is being brought out by IAFL Publications. The series covers various aspects of textiles-materials and their properties, state-of-the-art technology for textile and apparel manufacture, testing and quality management, developments and innovations in textile fibres, yarns and fabrics, technical textiles, chemical processing, texturing, etc.

The contributors to the book (551 pages, 300 illustrations, hardbound) include internationally renowned specialists in their respective fields, with experience in mills, plants, research & development organisations, academic institutes and consultancy organisations. Customer expectations of quality of textile and apparel products have increased considerably in recent years. The book brings together the recent advances made in the fields of textile testing, quality control in apparel production and approaches of quality management in textile and apparel industries.

In the last few years major strides have been made in the development and use of new testing equipment to characterise and assess the properties of fibres, yarns and fabrics at various stages of development, production, processing, evaluation and use. Developments in sensor and microprocessor technologies; and need for better quality and process control on high speed production machines has led to developments of many vastly improved and new testing devices and procedures. The range and variety of tests that have been devised to meet the present day requirements are now considerable. Testing of textiles at various stages with the latest equipment and proper interpretation of results is essential for optimisation and control of quality. This volume attempts to bring together state-of-the-art methods, along with the scientific basis for these methods and their application in the field of fibres, yarns, fabrics and apparels.

The book provides an overview of the concepts of quality management, which is becoming increasingly important for all industries including textile and apparel industries. Two chapters in the book deal with the mill applications of two sets of fibre testing equipment, namely High Volume Instruments [HVI] and Automatic Fibre Information System [AFIS], which have found wide acceptance in the textile industry. A chapter has been included to highlight the use of near infra-red technology in the area of textile measurements. Three chapters on yarn testing in the book deal with measurement of important yarn characteristics and innovations in the yarn testing equipment. A chapter on evaluation of physical properties of fabrics covers testing of mechanical properties along with the systems of objective evaluation of the fabrics that are important for assessment of fabric hand, appearance and making-up behaviour of these fabrics. A separate chapter has been devoted to the thermal comfort properties of the fabrics. Fabric quality and its importance in apparel production, and various aspects of quality control in apparel production have been discussed in two separate chapters. Quality requirements and assessment of quality in case of Woolmark quality assurance program have been included.

The book will be useful to individuals and organisations engaged in the production and evaluation and quality control of textiles and apparels. This will also serve as valuable reference book for the students, academicians and researchers in the field of textiles and apparels.

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