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7th Workshop on Exploitation and Utilization of Information Resources in Asia-Pacific Region
May 6-20, 1997. ISTIC, Beijing, People's Republic of China

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Discussions about the Cooperation between the Participants' Countries

Evaluation & Suggestion

The participants were requested to give their views on the organisation of the workshop and suggestions for the betterment of the future workshops. The response was very positive and encouraging. The participants were of the view that the workshop had given an exposure to the information resources available in the Asia-Pacific region. The lectures were also assisted by the visits to other institutions, industrial units. However, some of the participants felt that the duration of the workshop should have been reduced to 10 days from 15 days. They mentioned that there was a lack of using modern IT tools and techniques such as computer aided projection system, online presentation and live demos of various software and application packages being developed and used in different participating countries. They also suggested making use of Internet, CDROMs. multimedia presentations in addition to the use of conventional transparencies.

A proposal for setting an International Training Centre at ISTIC was also discussed

Vimal Kumar Varun, New Delhi. INDIA
29 November, 2006 12:12:04 -0500,